Nuclear Power: Part of the Climate Change Solution

Nuclear Power: Part of the Climate Change Solution

Over at the Washington Post‘s Wonkblog, Chris Mooney writes about a new letter from 71 ecologists and conservation researchers urging the conservation and environmental community to support nuclear power… Read More

MOX Workers

MOX Project: Important Part of the U.S. Nonproliferation Program

Recent government reports tallying the lifecycle costs of the entire U.S. surplus weapons plutonium disposition program have been improperly applied by commenters to a single… Read More

"Predicted Budget Cut Could Put MOX Project in Danger"

From the Aiken Standard this week: This article begins with a stark warning for fulfilling our international nonproliferation commitments, “If the MOX Project has its… Read More

Energy Nominee Moniz Fields MOX Project Questions

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing this morning on the nomination of Ernest J. Moniz to succeed Steven Chu as Secretary… Read More

Roof of the MOX Facility Completed

The final layer of structural concrete was poured on the roof of the Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility recently, completing the exterior structure of… Read More

DOE Adds Voice to Choir for Used Nuclear Fuel Management Reform

Guest post by Alec Hoppes, Director of Congressional Affairs, AREVA Inc. The used nuclear fuel management program in the United States has failed taxpayers, ratepayers,… Read More

Can You Talk MOX? 10 Things You Should Know About MOX Nuclear Fuel

Be prepared to talk MOX in the nuclear weapons-to-fuel discussion this week. The NRC’s September 11 public hearing in Chattanooga, TN, provides an open forum… Read More

Changing Nuclear Weapons into Clean Power

Changing Nuclear Weapons into Clean Power

We liked this OpEd article in the Orlando Sentinel … Lynn Edward Weaver of the Florida Institute of Technology writes: Disarmament hasn’t gotten much attention… Read More

Reprocessing: "A Game Changing Technology"

Some really solid writing and thinking here, from William H. Miller, professor with the University of Missouri’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute. He makes the… Read More

Recycling Option Debated at Latest Blue Ribbon Commission Hearing

The Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) on America’s Nuclear Future held its latest public meeting in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 20 to solicit comments on its… Read More