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May 3, 2013 | 1:44 pm

Columbiana Hi Tech, an AREVA Company, Expands Professional Team

Columbiana Hi Tech (CHT), a nuclear manufacturer purchased by AREVA’s Transnuclear subsidiary, has recently expanded its engineering team to meet the growing needs of its customer base. CHT has added 14 employees to its growing presence in the Greensboro, N.C., area and expects to have more than 100 employees by mid-year, a 25 percent increase in full-time staff.

“We are expanding our professional team in order to meet the growing needs of Transnuclear, Inc., and to maintain our commitment to safety and quality for our entire base of loyal customers,” said Don Olson, President and COO of CHT.

CHT was acquired by Transnuclear, Inc. to strengthen Transnuclear’s ability to meet the nuclear energy industry’s growing need for safe and innovative used fuel storage solutions. The acquisition has helped Transnuclear, Inc. respond to customers’ needs for highly competitive pricing, streamlined acquisition and delivery turnaround, and increased quality control. The transition of CHT to Transnuclear, Inc. ownership has enhanced AREVA’s strong growth in North Carolina and the Southeastern U.S. energy hub.

“North Carolina is home to a robust energy economy and we are pleased to be part of its energy landscape, bringing our technologies, community presence and commercial engagements to support prosperity in the state,” said Mike McMahon, President and CEO, Transnuclear, Inc. “Transnuclear, Inc. is partnering with the Greensboro community to build relationships and increase staffing to meet our business needs so we can safely and successfully support the nuclear industry.”

May 2, 2013 | 10:29 am

AREVA Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Uranium Concentrate Contract

AREVA has been awarded a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract for the strategic supply of uranium concentrates (U3O8) to be used in fuelling the nuclear fleet of a major U.S. utility.

Under the contract valued at approximately $70 million, AREVA will provide around one million pounds of U3O8 over a several year period.

“We are continually looking to expand commercial relationships with key utilities across the United States,” said Michael Rencheck, President and CEO of AREVA Inc. “Every new agreement, like this one, is further validation that the nuclear industry relies on our strong safety culture, quality products, and the reliable services we provide.”

AREVA is a world leader in uranium production and fuel fabrication technologies. As the second-largest uranium producer globally, AREVA maintains a broad portfolio of mines under development and in operation on several continents. Last year, AREVA achieved a record-level performance of 9,760 tons of uranium produced.

May 1, 2013 | 10:29 am

Fuel Field Services Expanded at AREVA Solutions Complex

AREVA is poised for growth and increased technology development at the AREVA Solutions Complex in Lynchburg, Va., with the dedication of its new Fuel Field Services (FFS) support center in the main building of the complex.

This newly developed service and technology area will be known as the Fuel Field Services Outage Equipment and Support Center and will be used for design, fabrication, refurbishment and testing of the equipment used to provide at-reactor measurement, inspection, repair, and testing of fuel assemblies. Facility capabilities include a mechanical workshop, electrical workshop, warehouse equipment storage, control rooms and a contamination zone for refurbishment and testing of equipment.

The expansion project was completed in eight months while the actual launch of operations was completed in three-and-a-half weeks with zero injuries and no impact to customer services. Around $1M in capital was spent to transition and develop the new facility in Campbell County.

“AREVA has been a part of the nuclear industry working to provide safer technologies and services for a long time and as members of the Lynchburg community, we’re continuing to invest in the facilities and our people in Central Virginia,” said Paul Myers, Senior Vice President, Front End, AREVA Inc. “Our commitment is to support our electric utility customers in their efforts to continue supplying safe, reliable and affordable nuclear energy and we will continue to do so with the expansion of the Fuel Field Services group at the AREVA Solutions Complex.”

The Fuel Field Services group provides inspection, reconstitution and repair of fuel assemblies and core components at reactor sites. In addition, the group runs research and development programs and gathers feedback on product performance and warranty service. The group also provides products and services to customers as part of joint industry development programs.

This is the second innovation launched at the AREVA Solutions Complex within the past 12 months. These expansions have been made possible by moving fuel manufacturing activities to Richland, Wash., and optimizing our growth plans. The earlier addition of the U.S. Technical Center in September 2012 and now the Fuel Field Services Center represent AREVA’s commitment and further investment in our facilities and the U.S. nuclear industry.

April 29, 2013 | 10:31 am

AREVA’s Expanded Operations in Maryland Contribute to Global Performance

Transnuclear Inc., an AREVA company located in Columbia, Md., has significantly contributed to the company’s ACTION 2016 strategic performance plan by expanding operational leadership to meet the nuclear energy industry’s growing need for safe and innovative used fuel storage solutions. Since 2010, the company has hired 81 new employees for their Columbia, Md.-based office, and recently added three management positions to its growing professional team. These additions have enabled Transnuclear to better serve customers with innovative and forward-looking solutions and quality assurance initiatives while contributing to the company’s long-term financial objectives.

“AREVA, through our subsidiary Transnuclear, has partnered with the Columbia community to build relationships and increase staffing to meet our business needs,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO, AREVA Inc. “Maryland is home to a robust energy economy that we are proud to be a part of through our technologies, community presence, commercial engagements and policy advocacy activities to support broader prosperity in the state.”

More than 20 percent of the hires since 2010 have been new college graduates from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. These highly skilled and technical backgrounds are so critical for the next generation of industry leaders to drive the nuclear industry forward. An additional five percent of new hires have self-identified as military veterans. Transnuclear anticipates the potential for additional recruitment of STEM-skilled employees, including engineers, Project Managers and Quality Engineers, in 2013.

Transnuclear’s recent management hires include three highly experienced veterans of the nuclear industry: Mike Beal, Tim Kindelberger and Marc Nichol.

“We are very excited to have Mike, Tim and Marc join our team,” said Mike McMahon, President and CEO of Transnuclear, Inc. “Their experience and leadership in the nuclear industry will support Transnuclear’s mission to provide our utility customers with the most proven technologies available for safe and cost-efficient used fuel storage and transportation.”

  • Mike Beal will serve as the Business Development Manager for the Reactors and Services and Front End Business Lines of Transnuclear, Inc. Mike has more than 18 years of experience in the nuclear industry and has held account management positions with Canberra, serving nuclear power plants, Department of Defense facilities and Department of Homeland Security customers throughout North and South America.
  • Tim Kindelberger will serve as the Quality Assurance Director for Transnuclear, Inc. Tim has 30 years of nuclear power industry experience including Quality Assurance (QA) Program management. He has held positions with Entergy Corporation and Day & Zimmerman NPS, and previous roles included oversight of QA programs at nuclear power generation facilities. He has handled oversight of fabrication, installation and maintenance activities and has performed audits and self-assessments of Quality Assurance; Safety; Unescorted Access Authorization programs, and Outage Readiness processes.
  • Marc Nichol will serve as Business Development Director for the Back End Business Line of Transnuclear, Inc. Marc has more than 12 years of experience in the nuclear industry. Prior to joining the Transnuclear team, he was a Senior Project Manager with the Nuclear Energy Institute where he helped to establish industry positions on regulatory issues related to the storage and transportation of used fuel. He has also held positions at Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corporation and Toshiba Corporation and several engineering and management positions with Duke Energy, and worked with TRW on the DOE’s Yucca Mountain Project.
April 25, 2013 | 10:45 am

AREVA Successfully Delivers Two Steam Generators to Prairie Island

AREVA is pleased to announce the safe and successful delivery of two steam generators to the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant in Red Wing, Minnesota. Delivery of the generators is the culmination of a 10-week journey beginning at the AREVA Chalon/St. Marcel facility in France.

“These massive components represent over 600 tons of American energy security, and we congratulate Xcel Energy on their investment to ensure the sustained supply of safe, clean, ‘round-the-clock’ nuclear power from their Prairie Island facility,” said Mike Rencheck, CEO of AREVA Inc. “We are proud to support Xcel Energy and contribute to the growth of the U.S. energy economy with the safe delivery of high-quality, heavy equipment.”

After being manufactured by AREVA at the company’s Chalon/St. Marcel facility, the steam generators, each 70 feet tall and weighing 330 tons, traveled via barge to the Mediterranean Sea. From there, they were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean and then up the Mississippi River, arriving at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Facility near Red Wing, Minn., on April 11. These new steam generators will be stored securely on-site until installation during this fall’s planned refueling outage.

“The investments we are making at Prairie Island will keep it operating safely and reliably for the next 20 years,” said Tim O’Connor, Xcel Energy senior vice president and chief nuclear officer. “Investments in our nuclear plants ensure they will continue to generate low-cost, carbon free electricity, which is a great value for our customers.”

April 23, 2013 | 10:44 am

AREVA Signs Contract for Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation Upgrade

AREVA is pleased to announce it has received a contract award to provide Duke Energy 20 VEGA Through-Air Radar Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation (SFPLI) systems for the company’s nuclear energy plants, as well as a system specifically for training.

AREVA and VEGA Americas, Inc. provide safe, reliable and economical SFPLI solutions to North America’s nuclear utilities by combining comprehensive engineering services and quality-augmented equipment.

“Safety is always our top priority, for both our own company and our customers,” said Tom Franch, Sr. Vice President for Reactors and Services, AREVA Inc. “We are continually working with customers to understand their needs and identify cost-effective solutions to improve safety and reliability for nuclear plant operations. AREVA’s base of SFPLI customers continues to grow as our customers recognize the benefits of the robust design, thorough testing, and field-proven performance.”

In direct response to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Near-Term Task Force recommendations on post-Fukushima safety upgrades at U.S. nuclear energy plants, AREVA’s Through-Air Radar solution meets new requirements for spent fuel pool monitoring. The system features two redundant, independent channels and an independent power supply. This solution is reliable and rugged in adverse conditions, and has been proven in more than 300,000 applications including nuclear, military and industrial installations.

April 11, 2013 | 10:46 am

AREVA and PEICO Complete Contract to Provide Emergency Regional Response Centers for the U.S. Nuclear Industry

The Strategic Alliance for FLEX Emergency Response (SAFER) team comprised of AREVA and the Pooled Equipment Inventory Company (PEICo) have completed the contract to operate regional response centers that will manage backup equipment and provide implementation services that fulfill FLEX Phase 3 Regional Response requirements described in the Nuclear Energy Institute’s NEI 12-06.

This fleet-wide safety program supports the nuclear industry’s response to the events that occurred at Fukushima, which includes the development of regional response centers.

“AREVA understands the importance of being prepared to respond to even the most unlikely situations,” said Tom Franch, Senior Vice President of AREVA Reactors and Services. “We are strong proponents of the industry’s FLEX strategy and stand ready to provide yet another layer of safety for nuclear power plant operations after a ‘beyond design basis’ event.”

“SAFER brings two industry leaders together to provide a defense-in-depth solution to address concerns about the reliability and accessibility of off-site, backup equipment,” said Mark Olson, President of PEICo. “The industry and the public can be confident that backup emergency assets will be protected and available for deployment even for the most unlikely events.”

SAFER was selected by the Nuclear Strategic Issue Advisory Committee (NSAIC) in October 2012 to leverage PEICo’s existing, off-site PIM support center, which provides for the rapid delivery of required equipment, and AREVA’s own “Safety Alliance” catalog of industry-leading services, such as emergency response planning and mobilization, project management, procurement and outage team expertise.

April 8, 2013 | 10:55 am

IndyCar Driver Helps Nuclear Energy Leaders Raise Industry Awareness

Southern Nuclear employees received a visit on Thursday, April 4, from the Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar race team, including all-star driver Simona De Silvestro. Several hundred employees attended the event and had their photographs taken next to De Silvestro, who began the racing season with a sixth place finish at St. Petersburg. De Silvestro and the race team were in town to compete in the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama at the Barber Motorsports Park.

In addition to chatting about her experience driving the carbon-neutral Nuclear Clean Air Energy race car, De Silvestro spoke with employees about the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, linking STEM education to the technology behind racing and clean energy.

“A lot of people recognize solar and wind, but don’t realize that nuclear power provides the majority of America’s clean energy,” said De Silvestro at the event. “We need to keep talking to students to help them understand that science, technology, engineering and math are cool.”

Steve Kuczynski, president and CEO, Southern Nuclear, said, “We appreciate AREVA, Simona and the Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar race team for spending time with our employees while they were in Birmingham. This was an exciting experience for our employees. The event provided a valuable opportunity to work with an industry partner to increase the awareness and education of nuclear energy while showcasing Simona and the race car.”

AREVA, a leader in nuclear energy and a significant, growing player in the renewable energies sector, is a sponsor of the Nuclear Clean Air Energy racecar and arranged the visit to Southern Nuclear. De Silvestro signed with KV Racing Technology for the 2013 IndyCar season last October alongside veteran driver Tony Kanaan.

“The Nuclear Clean Air Energy car is a great vehicle for raising awareness of forward-looking clean energy technologies like nuclear power,” said Michael Rencheck, President and Chief Executive Officer, AREVA Inc. “Our partnership with Simona and the Nuclear Clean Air Energy Indy race team facilitates broader public discussions about clean energy and the importance of STEM education for the future of our industry.”

Follow the results of De Silvestro and the race team on Twitter @simdesilvestro, on Facebook at, or on her website at Learn more about nuclear energy from NEI at

April 5, 2013 | 10:50 am

AREVA Expands Military Veteran Hiring Campaign

In 2012, AREVA initiated an outreach campaign to increase the number of overall U.S. military veterans hired, specifically in technical and engineering positions. As a result of this effort, 15 percent of new hires came from the military in 2012 and AREVA aims to expand this to 20 percent in 2013.

“As Americans, we deeply appreciate the service that our veterans provided during their time in active duty and we want to identify methods for helping them succeed in civilian life,” said Mike Rencheck, CEO of AREVA Inc. “As a business leader, I know first-hand that our veterans make excellent employees due to the skills they have learned while serving our country. The dedication, leadership and commitment they have demonstrated are a perfect fit with AREVA’s corporate values that drive operational excellence.”

AREVA’s campaign demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing jobs for veterans while meeting critical business needs. Veterans transitioning from the military to the corporate environment have access to training and mentoring programs that build on skills already developed through military experience. More than 450 of AREVA’s current employees in the United States are veterans.

AREVA also partners with several industry organizations to increase outreach to veterans. Last year, AREVA participated in the Troops to Energy program, committed to the Hire Heroes USA organization, and signed a statement of support for the Guard and Reserve. AREVA is also an active supporter of the Fisher House Foundation, which provides temporary homes at military and Veterans Affairs centers for members of the military and their families during times of crisis.

“AREVA is proud to count veterans among our employees,” added Rencheck. “Our country’s clean energy future depends on a robust, highly skilled workforce. America’s military veterans have a proven work ethic, great training and the leadership skills necessary to help us tackle the current and future needs of a world where energy demand is continuing to grow.”

For more information on AREVA’s military veteran programs, or to apply, visit

April 4, 2013 | 10:49 am

Roof of the MOX Facility Completed

The final layer of structural concrete was poured on the roof of the Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility recently, completing the exterior structure of the nuclear facility.

The 600,000-square-foot MOX facility is under construction at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site in Aiken, S.C. As a key component in the nation’s non-proliferation program, the MOX facility will convert surplus nuclear weapon-grade plutonium into reactor fuel for nuclear power plants.

“The completion of the roof and the exterior structure is an important milestone in the progress of MOX construction,” said Kelly Trice, president and chief operating officer of Shaw AREVA MOX Services, which is designing and constructing the facility. “We have much more work to do as we move to the next phase of the project, focusing on interior construction and equipment installation. Our 2,400 team members and more than 1,000 suppliers from across the country are proud to be a part of building this first-of-its-kind nuclear facility for our country’s national security.”

The 140,000-square-foot roof covers the process facility where production of MOX fuel will occur in a two-step process known as aqueous polishing and fuel fabrication. The process begins in the aqueous polishing portion of the building where surplus weapon-grade material will be cleaned and purified during a chemical process. Manufacturing of the fuel takes place in the fuel fabrication section where the material is formed into MOX fuel pellets for reactor fuel assemblies.

More than 21,000 tons of reinforced steel and 138,000 cubic yards of structural concrete were used to construct the roof and the exterior walls.

With the exterior structure of the main process building complete, the project will focus on interior construction with installation of electrical, mechanical and heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems.

The MOX building has over 100 construction openings to allow the installation of equipment. These temporary access ports will be closed up as equipment is installed.

The MOX project began construction in 2007. More than $1.8 billion in subcontracts for supplies, equipment and services to over 1,000 businesses in 43 states have been awarded by the project to date.

Shaw AREVA MOX Services, LLC has a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) to design, build and operate a facility to convert surplus nuclear weapon-grade plutonium into reactor fuel for use in commercial nuclear power plants. This work supports NNSA’s nuclear nonproliferation program to eliminate nuclear weapon-grade plutonium in the U.S. Under a 2000 agreement, the United States and Russia will dispose of 68 metric tons of surplus plutonium, sufficient for approximately 17,000 nuclear weapons. For more information, visit