Safe Used Fuel Management

Tom Franch

Safe Nuclear Fuel Management Important for Energy Generation in the Carolinas

By Tom Franch, Senior Vice President, AREVA Inc. North America It is no secret that the Southeast is one of the fastest-growing areas in the… Read More

AREVA employees’ red shirts were a visual show of support in favor of nuclear energy at the NRC meeting in Charlotte.

NRC Dialogue: Nearly 50 Years of Safe U.S. Used Nuclear Fuel Transport and Storage

When you’re passionate about something called into question, you show up and speak out to ensure your opinion is heard. Sixty AREVA employees did just… Read More

Video: High-impact Test of Nuclear Fuel Storage System

Making the point on safe and secure used nuclear fuel storage and nuclear transport containers, this video is worth seeing again. In November 2010, AREVA… Read More

Making A Safe Shift from Nuclear Waste to U.S. Energy Resource

Making A Safe Shift from Nuclear Waste to U.S. Energy Resource

Used nuclear fuel management is a topic that comes up frequently in the world of politics and anti-nuclear activists. The U.S. used fuel policy has… Read More

Columbiana Hi Tech, an AREVA Company, Expands Professional Team

Columbiana Hi Tech (CHT), a nuclear manufacturer purchased by AREVA’s Transnuclear subsidiary, has recently expanded its engineering team to meet the growing needs of its… Read More

AREVA’s Expanded Operations in Maryland Contribute to Global Performance

Transnuclear Inc., an AREVA company located in Columbia, Md., has significantly contributed to the company’s ACTION 2016 strategic performance plan by expanding operational leadership to… Read More

AREVA Signs Contract for Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation Upgrade

April 23, 2013 0 comments
Posted in Reactors, Safe Used Fuel Management

AREVA is pleased to announce it has received a contract award to provide Duke Energy 20 VEGA Through-Air Radar Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation (SFPLI)… Read More

MOX Project is Best Option for Nonproliferation and Budget Goals

MOX Project is Best Option for Nonproliferation and Budget Goals

If the United States is going to honor its international nonproliferation agreement with Russia, then the MOX Project is the best option based on time,… Read More

Transnuclear, Inc. Welcomes New Operations Director at Columbiana Hi Tech

Columbiana Hi Tech (CHT), a Transnuclear, Inc. company, is pleased to announce that Joe Faldowski has been named Director of CHT Operations. Transnuclear, Inc., headquartered… Read More

AREVA Successfully Demonstrates Through-Air Radar with 212-foot Extended Range

AREVA announces the successful demonstration of the new VEGAPULS® 62 through-air radar to monitor the water levels in a spent fuel pool under adverse conditions.… Read More