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Sea of Red Applauds NRC’s Green Light

Last week, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission finalized rulemaking for the continued storage of used nuclear fuel, affirming that continued safe storage of used fuel in… Read More

Video: Transferring and Storing Used Nuclear Fuel

Video: Transferring and Storing Used Nuclear Fuel

This video demonstrates the process for safely transferring used nuclear fuel from a reactor into a dry shielded canister, transporting the canister to an independent… Read More

Top 10 FAQs about Transporting and Storing Used Nuclear Fuel

Top 10 FAQs about Transporting and Storing Used Nuclear Fuel

The topic of safely transporting and storing used nuclear fuel at U.S. nuclear energy facilities is causing a lot of discussion in communities around the country.… Read More


More on CHT’s Robust UX-30 Nuclear Transport Overpack

The importance of customers using CHT’s robust UX-30 nuclear transport overpack was reinforced during a recent shipping incident. Despite the more than 5,000-pound load being… Read More

AREVA TN Gets Local in PA and OH

AREVA TN Gets Local in PA and OH

Localized labor is more than just our business model, it is AREVA Inc.’s philosophy to buy and source locally whenever possible, as seen in projects… Read More

AREVA TN customer shows pride of ownership with newly built – safe and secure – horizontal storage module for housing NUHOMS® dry storage canisters.

AREVA TN – U.S. Success in Nuclear Safety, Steel and Labor

With our recent multiple nuclear fuel storage contract announcements in Nebraska, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, this is a good opportunity to provide an… Read More

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Safe Nuclear Fuel Management Important for Energy Generation in the Carolinas

By Tom Franch, Senior Vice President, AREVA Inc. North America It is no secret that the Southeast is one of the fastest-growing areas in the… Read More

AREVA employees’ red shirts were a visual show of support in favor of nuclear energy at the NRC meeting in Charlotte.

NRC Dialogue: Nearly 50 Years of Safe U.S. Used Nuclear Fuel Transport and Storage

When you’re passionate about something called into question, you show up and speak out to ensure your opinion is heard. Sixty AREVA employees did just… Read More

Video: High-impact Test of Nuclear Fuel Storage System

Making the point on safe and secure used nuclear fuel storage and nuclear transport containers, this video is worth seeing again. In November 2010, AREVA… Read More

AREVA’s Expanded Operations in Maryland Contribute to Global Performance

Transnuclear Inc., an AREVA company located in Columbia, Md., has significantly contributed to the company’s ACTION 2016 strategic performance plan by expanding operational leadership to… Read More