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September 23, 2009 | 10:55 am

Making Wind Energy Smarter

by Katherine Berezowskyj

If you are going to be at the GridWeek conference in our nation’s capital this week, be sure to check out booth #103. Here, AREVA’s Transmission & Distribution (T&D) division is demonstrating its unique system for integrating its Smart Grid technologies and renewable power generation.

AREVA T&D's Booth at GridWeek

AREVA T&D's Booth at GridWeek

AREVA’s Smart Grid Suite, which includes a range of e-terra products, helps to manage and optimize the grid efficiency. As part of AREVA’s work in grid efficiency, AREVA was awarded a Department of Energy grant in July to study global best practices in grid tools and operations for wind plants. This will provide the basis for the U.S. grid to operate with more wind power generation

This is a complimentary effort for expanding CO2-free power generation that supports AREVA’s rapidly growing renewable sector. Some of the major projects currently under development around the world include biopower (biomass to electricity) and offshore wind.

September 2, 2009 | 4:50 pm

RB Watkins – A New Member of the AREVA Family

Photo Courtesy of RB Watkins

Photo Courtesy of RB Watkins

Today we would like to spotlight another integral part of AREVA family here in North America ─ RB Watkins, a transformer field services company based in Stow, Ohio. Founded in 2004, the company joined the AREVA group in December 2008 and is now part AREVA’s Transmission & Distribution subsidiary. RB Watkins performs complete services for high voltage transformers including installation, maintenance and repair.

Its 42 employees work throughout the U.S, with offices in Ohio, Oklahoma, and soon in Phoenix, Arizona. Co-founder and Unit Managing Director Jim Rodgers said that RB Watkins has really thrived because of it expertise and experience in the transformer industry. He and co-founder Wes Watkins are good examples of this know-how, as they both have extensive careers in the field. Each started with energy industry in the early 1980’s and have accumulated years of experience and understanding working in transformer power services, including the large power service field and the managing transformer remanufacturing division.

Rodgers also talked about what he liked about AREVA, saying “while we had eight different offers, AREVA was the best fit.” For their customers, he said AREVA’s line of services allow them to be part of an attractive business model. Working with AREVA has created a strong support system for current RB Watkins employees and has also made the company more appealing for recruiting well-qualified employees. In fact, the company has hired eight people since the beginning of the year. This relationship even extends to the company’s future outlook, as Rodgers mentioned that this association has provided them with additional sales resources to continue the company’s current growth.

To find out more about RB Watkins, check out the company’s site here.

June 15, 2009 | 10:22 am

Strategic Alliance-PJM and AREVA T&D Working for Smarter Grid Solutions


Recently the Transmission & Distribution division of AREVA and PJM Interconnection made some “smart” moves forming a strategic alliance to better address to challenges of   “smarter” transmission grids for the northeastern United States.  The two organizations already have several years of success working together and will now be engaged in improving system resiliency and efficiency in the new paradigm of smarter grids.

Already a world-class transmission organization coordination the movement of wholesale electricity through 13 states and the District of Columbia, PJM is brings power to 51 million people in the U.S.  AREVA T&D has a successful history of delivering effective solutions to PJM, including industry firsts, such as locational marginal pricing (LMP)-based solution for the multi-settlement electricity market, and the first large-scale mixed integer programming (MIP) solution for clearing the day-ahead market.

Their joint strategy will now focus on developing T&D’s e-terra™ applications suite with “Smarter Dispatch” technologies.  This will facilitate a new generation of resources and devices for improved operational efficiency and expanded system security and with technologies that utilize PJM’s experience in providing quality and timely market information which will allow substantial and dramatic increase of the penetration of Demand Response technologies across PJM’s footprint.

PJM’s Senior Vice-President of Market Operations , Andy Ott, described how “On more than one occasion, AREVA T&D and PJM have worked collaboratively to deliver outstanding world-class solutions to meet our most challenging business requirements.”  AREVA T&D’s Executive Vice-President, Automation Business Unit, Jean-Michel Cornille said that “We are looking forward to combining our complementary areas of expertise to help shape the direction of Smart Grid technology, and to make more reliable, efficient and strong networks a reality.”

May 26, 2009 | 7:38 pm

Lawrence E. Jones of AREVA T&D on Smart Grids

Back in December 2008, Lawrence E. Jones of AREVA T&D published an editorial in Smart Electric News entitled “Renewable Energy Systems, Electric Vehicles, and Smart Electricity Grids for a Carbon-Constrained World.” In that article, he lays out some of the challenges of the road ahead for the energy industry – including the need to reduce carbon emissions, the need for continued research, development, and implementation of renewable energy sources, an aging workforce, and the most crucial need – to create a 21st-century power grid that’s able to anticipate and deal with periods of heavy power usage.

The whole thing is worth a read… but here are some of the highlights:

Wind and solar power are intermittent resources and as such make it difficult to operate the power grids to which they are connected. To successfully integrate RES, electric utilities must have reliable forecast information about the quantity and availability of the power output. Thus, forecasting systems are one of the primary requirements to achieving increased penetration of wind and solar energy. The second requirement is combining the forecast information with the real-time operational data in the utilities’ control centers for decision making – both in the front and back offices. . . .

To effectively integrate large amounts of renewable power generation with existing and emerging smart power grids, there will be increasing need for modern information, communications and control technologies. But these are not the only prerequisites. There must also be investments in education and training a new work force to carry out the millions of new jobs expected to be created. Work force development must be an integral part of every country’s long term goal in order to compete in the 21st century global economy.

May 13, 2009 | 3:58 pm

AREVA Extends Smart Grid Collaboration with Microsoft

by Jarret Adams

AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution (T&D) division has announced that it has extended its three-year collaboration with Microsoft for the development of Smarter Grid Management solutions, so the global power industry can manage electricity demand more efficiently.

AREVA and Microsoft already provide AREVA customers with some key capabilities for managing the grid. Under the new agreement, the two companies will work to improve cybersecurity and integration with Microsoft Office tools.

Some other benefits are that the new smart grid systems are better at managing distribution generation and renewables. AREVA displayed some of its Microsoft-based smart grid solutions at DistribuTECH in San Diego earlier this year.

AREVA’s efforts to improve the efficiency of the grid through its T&D applications constitute one of three main pillars for fighting climate change. The other two are nuclear energy and renewables, which produce electricity without producing any significant amount of greenhouse gases.

April 20, 2009 | 3:11 pm

Florida Power and Light Goes Live With AREVA T&D’s Distribution System

At the Distributech conference held February 2-5 in San Diego, Calif., AREVA T&D simulated a 21st century distribution control room environment, showcasing the latest in real-time management of distribution systems. The company’s e-terradistribution® software was projected onto a large mapboard, exhibiting the applications that allow utilities to configure their distribution systems to meet current and future needs.

At the Distributech conference held February 2-5 in San Diego, Calif., AREVA T&D simulated a 21st century distribution control room environment, showcasing the latest in real-time management of distribution systems. The company’s e-terradistribution® software was projected onto a large mapboard, exhibiting the applications that allow utilities to configure their distribution systems to meet current and future needs.

by Joe Adamoli

A production version of the AREVA T&D Integrated Distribution Management System based on e-terradistribution® software recently went live at Florida Power and Light Company.

Florida Power and Light Company is one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the United States. AREVA was chosen by FPL to provide a Transmission Energy Management System (EMS) and a Distribution Management System (DMS) with a common SCADA system shared by the EMS and DMS. The resulting project represents a major accomplishment (a fully Integrated Distribution Management System), and is creating a customer demand buzz, demonstration requests, and requests for quotation.

The successful delivery also satisfies two business cases by FPL: 1) replace static mapboard-based operations; and, 2) install Fault Location and Fault Isolation and Service Restoration applications.

Replacing static mapboard-based operations allows efficient operations through the consolidation of control centers, and greater flexibility in storm restoration activities.

The Fault Location application determines potential fault locations along the distribution circuits, allowing dispatchers to more effectively dispatch field crews to isolate the faulted portion of the distribution network. After the fault has been located, the Fault Isolation and Service Restoration application can be utilized to find switching plans that restore power to the largest number of customers, improving the overall distribution system reliability performance, and increasing customer satisfaction.

According to Ethan Boardman, AREVA Product Manager for DMS, the Florida Power and Light project has established a higher standard for distribution network management systems. Said Boardman, “In terms of scale, performance, and functionality it is the most aggressive distribution management system to be implemented and operational anywhere in the world. The Integrated Distribution Management System offering is being rapidly emulated by all of the competition.”