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February 28, 2014 | 5:48 pm

AREVA Richland Employees Contribute 100+ Hours To STEM Ed

by Duriem Calderin, Engineer, AREVA Inc.

North America Young Generation Nuclear employees in Richland participated as judges in Delta High School’s Science Fair held Feb. 19. Pictured are Steve Evans, John Fleming, Alex Bowman and Duriem Calderin.

North America Young Generation Nuclear employees in Richland participated as judges in Delta High School’s Science Fair held Feb. 19. Pictured are Steve Evans, John Fleming, Alex Bowman and Duriem Calderin.

Over the past year AREVA employees and local NA-YGN AREVA Chapter at the Richland, WA, site have been actively supporting the STEM education program (science, technology, Engineering, Math) at DELTA High School. This school is highly recognized in the Tri-Cities by its commitment to developing students and engaging them in STEM careers from an early age.

AREVA employees have partnered with DELTA High School in Richland to offer mentorship and to participate as judges in school-wide engineering and science fair projects. It is estimated by the end of 2014, AREVA employees will have contributed a total of 260 volunteer hours to the STEM educational programs.

The main contributors in organizing these events at the AREVA site in Richland are Jim Tolar and Scott Adair, NA-YGN outreach community chair.

Tolar said that this program is very important to AREVA because, “It is [also] a way to get the community to recognize that AREVA is here in the community and is part of the community for the long run.”

DELTA high school principal, Jenny Rodriquez, has thanked AREVA employees for their ongoing commitment to STEM education. She especially thanked the group of young professional engineers coming from NAYGN to participate at these events.

“Interactions with the NAYGN group have increased visibility of young professionals, especially engineers, allowing our students to see themselves entering STEM fields in the near future,” she said.

Rodriquez also said that AREVA’s commitment to giving back to the community will have short and long-term benefits for the company. “The benefits to AREVA for participation in this partnership are both short-term, such as the excitement generated in staff by sharing their profession with young people,” she said, “and long-term, such as the connection to qualified interns and future employees.”

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February 25, 2014 | 10:34 am

Diversity in Innovation Creates Opportunity

By Mike Rencheck, CEO, AREVA Inc. North America

Mike Rencheck, CEO, AREVA Inc. North AmericaAmerica has observed and celebrated African-American culture and heritage throughout the month of February since 1976. The origins date back to a week-long celebration in 1926 that encompassed the birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas, The celebration reminds us of the importance of continuing to learn from our history, honoring the contribution of those who have guided our country toward greater equality and opportunity. We draw inspiration from their creativity, innovation, and pursuit of better ways of doing and being.

It’s with this spirit that we recognize the contribution of diversity in National Engineer’s Week.

Celebrated the third week in February, it was founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951 to raise awareness of the contribution of engineers and the opportunities available via engineering career paths. At the intersection of African-American history month and National Engineer’s Week is the opportunity for businesses to recognize and engage the talents and perspectives of diverse communities in building a competitive workforce.

At AREVA, of our current entry level engineers, 41% of our employees are women or minorities, and we’re continuing to build on this solid foundation. From engaging with Historically Black Colleges and Universities like Morgan State University, to partnering with on-campus engineering societies including the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers in our recruiting efforts, we are aligning our talent management strategies with our sustainable and diverse workforce objectives.

As a forward-looking energy company, our recognition that by 2016, 39% of the nuclear energy workforce will be eligible for retirement has long fueled outreach to grade schools and colleges to spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career paths. On the local level, last week, AREVA employees at sites across the U.S. celebrated National Engineer’s Week through community and classroom outreach, with an emphasis on bringing greater awareness of engineering and STEM career pathways to schools like Druid Hills Academy near our headquarters in Charlotte, NC, and “The Governor’s STEM Academy” near our “Operational Center of Excellence” for products and services in Lynchburg, VA.

As an Ambassador for the Department of Energy’s Minorities in Energy initiative, I believe it is our responsibility to invest in younger generations, creating opportunity and supporting diversity as a driver of innovation and prosperity for the future, critical to both our companies and communities.

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February 24, 2014 | 1:44 pm

Engineers Week and AREVA at JFHS

Guest post by Ken Cooper, Physics / Earth Science teacher
Jefferson Forest H.S., Bedford County Public Schools

eWeek-JFHSOn Tuesday, February 18, Mr. Creasy and Ms. Weinmeister from AREVA visited my 2nd period Physics class as part of promoting Engineers Week. They briefly shared with the class areas of engineering at AREVA, and how students can get become involved in engineering. Mr. Creasy told them about a couple of different paths they could follow; of course, focusing on how AREVA can help the students, hoping they would become future employees. He stressed the need for the young people to get involved with engineering, because there’s an increasing need in this area due to technological advancements, retirees, and other reasons.

He also shared how AREVA can offer them tuition help, internships, and job experience, all while attending college. I think some of them will be considering looking into this in the future.

The students seemed to enjoy the speakers (and not just because it wasn’t me teaching). Some of the students asked about how their own interests are connected to AREVA.  Others asked about some specifics about AREVA’s nuclear and renewable energy businesses, or connections about AREVA to other companies, privacy issues, or other concerns. There were a lot of good questions. Both speakers answered the students’ questions well, sometimes using video presentations or pictures to do the talking for them, which is what prompted some of the other questions.

The presentation concluded with a team-building exercise I’ve seen and done myself that the students liked. It was pretty cool watching them use Physics and teamwork to design and build something out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

I hope to have AREVA and others over to speak to my Earth Science class, or as I teach math classes in the future.

Thanks, AREVA!

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January 21, 2014 | 4:49 pm

AREVA TN Employees Give the Gift of STEM & Safety

Hammond High School technical class students learn about nuclear energy and the U.S. industry’s strong safety culture.

Hammond High School technical class students learn about nuclear energy and the U.S. industry’s strong safety culture.

In December 2013, AREVA TN employees Ashley Spry and Jibu Abraham visited two technical classes at Hammond High School in Columbia, Md., to talk about classroom and industrial safety. During the discussion, they provided an overview of nuclear energy and showed students how power plants work using a boiling water reactor puzzle depicting its major components.

“The students were very engaged and eager to participate,” said Ashley. “I was so impressed with one student who was able to explain nuclear power back to the class after such a brief introduction to the topic. He explained it flawlessly, from the fuel pellets, to fission, all the way to the turbine, generator, and transmission lines.”

They also gave a presentation on AREVA’s commitment to safety, and presented the class with a new table saw, along with safety tips for operating the table saw and information on its modern safe-stop technology.

What led Ashley and Jibu to offer this safety presentation and new saw to the class? Another AREVA TN employee, Mark Woynicz, had mentioned Hammond High during a company community outreach meeting, and noted that the technical class was using a table saw not equipped with the latest safety features. Jibu recognized this need as a great opportunity for AREVA TN to sponsor a program focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, and to act on AREVA’s commitment to safety as an example to the students.

“Most of our outreach is intended to spark students’ interest in STEM-related careers. In this case, the students already have the interest, so we wanted to give them something more,” said Ashley. “In the nuclear industry, safety is always first and foremost, and we think it’s important to share our safety culture whenever we are engaged in community outreach.”

It’s “safe” to say they did just that! Omar Q., a student at Hammond, wrote Ashley and Jibu the following letter:

Dear Mr. Abraham and Ms. Spry,

Thank you for your presentation at Hammond! It was very interesting and informative, and has opened many new ideas for me in the field of engineering. Nuclear engineering is a very complex field, but it was explained so that all of us could understand it. In my own opinion, I think that nuclear energy is extremely interesting and promising, and that it could change the way power is produced. I appreciate the time you spent on your presentation at our school, and I’m certain that through the presentation, you have demonstrated the endless possibilities that engineering can provide. I also want to express my gratitude for providing a new table saw that I’m sure will make woodworking safer for all engineering students!


Omar Q.

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December 6, 2013 | 3:58 pm

AREVA TN Gets Local in PA and OH

Constructing the NUHOMS System requires Concrete Masons and other local skilled labor.

Constructing the NUHOMS System requires Concrete Masons and other local skilled labor.

Localized labor is more than just our business model, it is AREVA Inc.’s philosophy to buy and source locally whenever possible, as seen in projects in the works in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our onsite jobs bring in several million additional dollars to the local community each year and boost regional economic development for the life of the project. For example, projects this year in just Ohio and Pennsylvania total about $30 million spent.

As an AREVA Inc. company, AREVA TN’s operations at each utility generate an additional 25 to 30 high paying skilled jobs. These workers support the onsite construction of the NUHOMS® Horizontal Storage Modules and the Fuel Loading Operations. Workers are hired from the local area including union workers in accordance with local rules and practices.

With several decades of reliable performance in used nuclear fuel services in the U.S., we know where to find quality work, and where to find it locally!

At an AREVA TN project scheduled for Pennsylvania, skilled work will be handled by Iron Workers Local 3, Operating Engineers Local 66 (IOUE), Laborers Local DCWP (LIUNA), Cement Masons Local 526 (OPCMIA), and Boilermakers Local 154. Across the river in Ohio, a potential project would be handled by our labor network with Ironworkers Local 55, Operating Engineers Local 18, Laborers Local 480, and Cement Masons Local 886.

AREVA TN delivers on our company-wide localization commitment and supports the American labor required to grow the U.S. nuclear industry.

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October 17, 2013 | 9:15 am

Delta High Students Visit AREVA Richland Facility

Forty Delta High School students recently visited the AREVA Richland Fuel Manufacturing Facility to learn about the role of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in supporting the energy workforce of tomorrow.

Students from Delta High School spent the day at the AREVA Richland Fuel Manufacturing Facility in Richland, Wash., learning how science, technology, engineering, and math support the nuclear energy industry.

Students from Delta High School spent the day at the AREVA Richland Fuel Manufacturing Facility in Richland, Wash., learning how science, technology, engineering, and math support the nuclear energy industry.

During a day trip to the AREVA Richland facility, students had an in-depth view of local operations that support the global nuclear industry, including fuel engineering, manufacturing, and services. Students also talked with members of AREVA’s North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) group to learn about energy and engineering career paths.

“These students are the future STEM workforce, and we enjoyed showing them what we do at the AREVA Richland Fuel Manufacturing Facility,” said Dominique Grandemange, Richland site manager. “It is well known that the nuclear industry is facing a challenge due to its aging workforce, and our site is no exception to this situation. This visit was an excellent opportunity to spark students’ interests in STEM careers and continue to develop our partnership with local schools such as Delta.”

October 10, 2013 | 1:15 pm

“Aggie Nukes Got The Juice!”

By Natalie Martin-Smith

There was plenty of enthusiasm at the recent “Careers in Energy” event hosted by AREVA Inc. North America and the Texas A&M University nuclear engineering department. The crowd of Aggie Nukes and engineers at the event included students from the TAMU American Nuclear Society chapter and the Society of Mexican American Engineers & Scientists (MAES).

Aggies and AREVA at the Houston Grand Prix

Aggies and AREVA at the Houston Grand Prix

Two Aggies also won tickets to watch AREVA-sponsored IndyCar race car driver Simona De Silvestro pilot the #78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy race car to a podium finish in the Houston Grand Prix —but more on that in a moment.

First, “Careers in Energy” presenters delivered career guidance and resources on a number of topics:

  • Did you know—Of the 4 million ninth-grade students enrolled in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) courses, only 4.2% will graduate college with a STEM degree? AREVA’s Director of Talent Acquisition Natalie Martin-Smith discussed STEM statistics, the value of hiring a diverse workforce, and the commitment from AREVA to support STEM education. Students were also asked to rise to the challenge and help promote STEM education to the next generation of students.
  • AREVA’s University Relations Manager Nikki Harris talked to students about AREVA’s intern and early career programs
  • NA-YGN AREVA Charlotte Chapter president and TAMU alumni Adam Howell talked about the importance of the North American Young Generation in Nuclear’s (NA-YGN) role in STEM and “a day in the life” moving from the big state of Texas to Charlotte, N.C.
  • AREVA engineer Jonny Abendano, a TAMU MAES member and TAMU alumni, talked about the AREVA experience and gave students advice on interviewing and transitioning from being a TAMU student in College Station to becoming an AREVA employee in Charlotte.
  • AREVA Operational Excellence intern Carter Shields fired up the students about AREVA’s support and awards program for innovation and incubator projects.

Now, back to the race …

During the “Careers in Energy” event, AREVA drew names for two Aggies and their guests to attend the Houston Grand Prix—and the winners were:

  • Suhaeb Abdulsattav, nuclear engineering student
  • Matthew Kappes, nuclear engineering student
  • Connie Rodriguez, civil structural engineering student (MAES)
  • Eliash Trejo, nuclear engineering student (MAES)

These four lucky winners joined TAMU ANS Student President Lance Merchant and VP Katie Rochelle for an incredible day at the Houston racetrack. They met AREVA-sponsored IndyCar driver Simona De Silvestro and her team, toured the KV Racing Technology garage, learned how the high-performance engineering race team promotes STEM education and careers, and better understood the importance of clean air nuclear energy.

According to the Aggie Nukes, it was a good thing they were at the race, since Simona’s historic second-place finish was solely due to good ole Aggie luck and “strength in numbers.”

August 5, 2011 | 9:00 pm

Clean Energy: Green Jobs and Better Health

Clean energy, the green jobs it creates, and improved health drove panelists’ discussions and sparked numerous questions at LCLAA’s Education Conference this week. The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) annual event drew more than 400 participants from across the U.S. to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The “Green Jobs and Public Health: How Environmental Protection Can Save Lives and Create Jobs” panel hosted speakers from The Center for American Progress, National Latino Coalition on Climate Change (NLCCC), The Transport Workers Union of America, AREVA, and The National Puerto Rican Coalition. Mark Magana, from the Hispanic Strategy Group, moderated the Q&A.

To set the stage for discussion, each panelist spoke on a topic for 10 minutes, including: legislative issues and the Clean Air Act; the impact of fossil fuels on air pollution and health; transitioning away from fossil fuels; using Clean Energy technologies (nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen energy storage) as economic and employment catalysts; and opposition to a proposed 92-mile natural gas line across Puerto Rico.

Once the panel opened up for questions, audience members quickly delved deeper into how to engage policymakers; which renewable resources are available on Puerto Rico; and how to prepare and encourage children and youth in clean energy careers.

The conference theme came through in the final call to action for session attendees to do three things:

1. Educate themselves on clean energy options, 2. Spread that knowledge by educating their families, friends and organizations about clean energy benefits, and 3. Speak up as clean energy advocates and inform their policymaker representatives on the economic opportunities, health benefits, and workforce growth potential with clean energy projects.

Check the conference website for soon-to-be-posted videos, photos and presentations.

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November 10, 2010 | 6:21 pm

AREVA Building US Jobs in the Biomass Industry

The renewable energy industry is not just about generating clean energy, it is also about generating clean energy jobs and economic development in our communities.

AREVA has a stated commitment to building domestic supply chains in support of our renewable energy projects. Today’s announcement of a Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) is tangible evidence of that ongoing commitment.

The agreement with the Olympia Vicinity Building and Construction Trades Council ensures that the hundreds of jobs created during construction of ADAGE’s 55-megawatt biopower facility in Shelton, Washington, will be filled with local labor from the area’s 15 construction trade unions.

ADAGE is a joint venture between AREVA and Duke Energy to build biomass power plants in the United States.

Under the CWA, labor activities include site preparation, construction of the biomass boiler, steam turbine, and balance-of-plant mechanical equipment, and electrical installation for the power block. The project is expected to create more than 400 direct jobs during construction and more than 100 direct jobs during permanent operation. In total, the facility represents a $250 million initial investment in Mason County.

Renewable energy powering local clean energy jobs—read the full article here.

December 15, 2009 | 3:30 pm

Biden Report Says Clean Energy Programs Creating Jobs

by Jarret Adams

Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden

According to a report by Vice President Joe Biden, the administration’s clean energy programs are expected to help create some 700,000 jobs. He said that the $787 billion Recovery Act is helping spur investment in new clean energy technologies, including wind, solar, energy efficiency and perhaps even nuclear energy. According to the ABC News blog:

“I’m pleased to report that the administration is laying the foundation for a clean energy economy that will create a new generation of jobs, reduce dependence on oil and enhance national security,” Biden begins his memo to Obama.

Biden notes in the memo that “Recovery Act investments in renewable generation and advanced energy manufacturing of $23 billion will likely create 253,000 jobs and leverage over $43 billion in additional investment that could support up to 469,000 more jobs, putting us on track to meet the goal of doubling our renewable energy generation, including solar, wind and geothermal, in just 3 years.”

Smart grid investments through the plan are expected to create some 43,000 jobs. AREVA T&D is participating in one of these initiatives to develop the smart grid systems.

Regarding nuclear energy, the Vice President also reports that “by the end of our first two years in office, we will have provided conditional commitments for loan guarantees for two nuclear power operators to add three to four new nuclear reactors.”

That’s great, but weren’t there four companies listed as finalists for the loan guarantees? And DOE officials have said that the first loan guarantee for a nuclear project could be issued by the end of this year.