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“And we’re here with important decision to be made. And I would also suggest to my Free Enterprise colleagues — especially conservatives here — whether… Read More

Could the Defeat of Climate Legislation be the Rise of a Real Battle against Carbon?

November 17, 2010 0 comments
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For a realistic vision and opinion on climate change legislation, check out the post today on the Atlantic by David Roberts. 
 He describes how… Read More

Guardian Answers Readers’ Top Energy Questions

November 5, 2010 0 comments
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U.K. newspaper the Guardian, recently asked its online readers to put together their toughest questions on energy to be answered by nine of the world’s… Read More

Progressive Think-Tank Thinking Positively About New Nuclear Energy

The Third Way, an organization that describes itself as the “leading think tank of the moderate wing of the progressive movement,” recently released a brief… Read More

2011 Top Priorities

October 1, 2010 0 comments
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We noticed in the latest Rolling Stone interview, President Obama made this statement on his priorities for next year: “One of my top priorities next… Read More

U.K. Expanding Nuclear Sector to Meet Climate Goals

By Jarret Adams The United Kingdom plans to build a fleet of new nuclear power plants to replace their aging reactors and meet the nation’s… Read More

"Energy on Trial"

We would like to highlight the “Energy on Trial” project. This is a documentary that “tackles a subject as dear and essential to us as the… Read More

Energy Bill on the Floor by Summer?

Energy Bill on the Floor by Summer?

From The, we are now starting to hear of a possible summer timeframe for the Energy-Climate Bill to reach the floor of Congress: “Authors… Read More

California Holds Divergent Opinions on Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

It is often said that “as California goes, so goes the nation.” Yet many Californians have some preconceptions about how to meet our nation’s energy… Read More

Video of the Day: Sen. Kerry Talks Climate Bill