About Me

Hello, my name is Keith, and I don’t really know why I’m writing this blog. I guess I don’t have a lot going on with my life right now and I don’t know what to do. Maybe writing about my experience will help me figure out what to do. Perhaps you guys can relate to my story.

I need to retake control of my life, need to find my true path. I don’t know really what those steps will involve, but I’ll get there. This blog can help me reflect on my life and all the mistakes I’ve made. Hopefully, anyways.

Baseball was my life from age five onwards. Tee ball was my first foray into the sport, and I’m sure I was the best player on the team of course. I played baseball my entire childhood and was on the team in high school.

Instead of living life exploring options and learning I focused on the one sport. My dad loved baseball too, you know. But he got my mom pregnant when they were 16, and he didn’t have much choice but to get a job and support us all. He lives a bit through me I guess.

So I focused on baseball for my dad and for me, and that was a bit of pressure, but it always felt okay. I didn’t go out with friends or party in high school like the other guys on the team. I was training and working out in my free time and making sure I got my school work done.

Dad made sure my grades were decent. He wouldn’t let me slide by without learning a bit. I never stood out or anything, but B’s and C’s proved I wasn’t an idiot. It’s just that baseball was more important.

The feel of my old worn batting gloves over my calloused hands. The firm and practiced grip and the swish of the bat through the air as it swung and the delicious crack as it struck gold. The feeling of baseball is like nothing else, and it intoxicated me always.

Focused. Dedicated. Those were the words to describe me. Running the bases at the speed of light was my rush, catching a ball on the leather cup of my mitt was my high. Nothing beat baseball. It was my bread and butter.

My dad and I bonded over it of course. I was good, but I got better and better as we went and I trained harder and harder. I was scouted before I even left school and was set to go to college on a full ride. And then everything changed.

Sometimes our paths are forced to change, regardless of what we want. Sometimes everything flips upside down, and we have absolutely no control over the outcome. That’s what happened to me when I lost baseball.

Everything that I had worked for and dreamt of was lost, all in the blink of an eye. Everything that had meaning to it just fell out of existence, and everything was dry.

Alright, that’s enough for now. Next time we’ll get into the moment that changed everything.