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November 20, 2012 | 9:42 am

AREVA Successfully Completes First Installation of Ultrasonic Testing Equipment for Steel Industry

AREVA announces the successful completion of its first installation of automated ultrasonic testing (UT) equipment for the steel industry in the United States. The success of this installation is the result of AREVA NDE-Solutions expertise, AREVA’s dedicated Non-Destructive Examination unit. This installation thus marks AREVA’s first venture in implementing Non-Destructive Testing Equipment (NDE) for use in other industrial markets in the U.S.

AREVA’s UT system is a high performance, automated inspection unit that uses the most modern ultrasonic techniques, including Phased Array, to deliver precision in material analysis and consistency in data capture and reporting. This system is designed to meet the quality standards required by the nuclear industry and provides assurance to other industries through AREVA’s proven operations in the demanding environment of nuclear power generation.

“AREVA is passionate about providing our customers with innovative, reliable, high-quality testing solutions that provide consistent results with long-term data capture and storage,” said Michael Rencheck, CEO of AREVA in the U.S. “Our customers, in nuclear and non-nuclear markets, can be confident that our NDE testing capabilities will exceed their expectations in providing both engineering precision and efficiency.”

This installation marks a key milestone in applying the nuclear industry’s proven culture of safety, reliability and innovation to industries outside of the traditional nuclear Non-Destructive Testing services business. AREVA, a world leader in nuclear and renewable energy solutions, is leveraging its global organization and engineering expertise to provide state-of-the-art quality performance testing equipment to non-nuclear industries such as rail, aerospace and steel.

November 16, 2012 | 4:52 pm

A Week of Honoring U.S. Veterans

AREVA veterans pin presented this week to U.S. military veterans in our workforce.

AREVA in North America has been honoring veterans this week in many ways – including hosting lunches for the 450 veterans in our U.S. workforce and presenting corporate donations to veterans support organizations.

We value the unique attributes veterans acquire through their military careers, including a proven work ethic, advanced training, and leadership skills necessary to help us tackle the current and future needs of a world with steadily increasing energy demands.

To connect veterans seeking a career in the clean energy industry with employment at AREVA, we created an AREVA Veterans Career webpage providing skill-matching charts, development resources, and personal testimonies from soldiers in our workforce.

When AREVA hires a veteran, he or she is matched with a mentor who also is a military veteran and can help smooth the transition into the corporate environment and the energy industry.
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November 13, 2012 | 11:17 am

AREVA Opens a New Office in Ontario

AREVA announced today that it has opened a new office in Kincardine, Ontario (Canada), focused on expanding services to the nearby Bruce Power nuclear power station and supporting the group’s Canadian operations.

AREVA already provides outage, engineering, maintenance and staffing services to Bruce Power and other Canadian nuclear facilities.

The new Kincardine office and adjacent warehouse together encompass 30,000 square feet for approximately 100 employees and contractors. The Kincardine facilities offer space for testing and maintenance during client outages.

“Our new Kincardine, Ontario, operations will enable AREVA to expand our range of products and services to our customers in Canada. As the world leader in nuclear energy, we at AREVA are delighted to see new growth in our Canadian operations,” said Jean-Francois Beland, Executive Vice President of AREVA Canada.

A leader in Canada’s uranium production, AREVA is also a major player in the manufacture of radiation measuring equipment, and as a services and engineer-ing provider for Canadian nuclear reactors.

November 5, 2012 | 12:42 pm

Helen Caldicott Stays One Step Ahead of the Facts

By Jarret Adams, AREVA Resources Canada

Michael Aynsley, News Talk Radio CJME

During her most recent visit to Saskatoon last week, Helen Caldicott managed to stay one step ahead of anyone who knows the facts about nuclear energy. A well-known antinuclear activist, Dr. Caldicott is also well known for making outrageous statements about the nuclear energy industry that do not withstand scrutiny. While in Saskatchewan, she focused her attention on the uranium mining sector – since it supplies 18 percent of the world’s uranium.
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