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April 24, 2012 | 9:48 am

“Areva stakes out place in range of nuclear solutions”

As seen in the Charlotte Business Journal this week, AREVA Inc. CEO Mike Rencheck described the company’s vision and activities in the North American energy market.

Areva stakes out place in range of nuclear solutions

by Mike Rencheck
As the chief executive of Areva Inc., I have the privilege to lead a fine organization and the challenge of providing safe, affordable and clean energy solutions. These solutions are critical to providing energy security and long-term sustainability of our nation’s economy.

With deep roots in the United States and almost 5,000 employees spread across the country, Areva is a leader in providing clean-energy solutions for power generation. Areva is the only company with expertise in every step of nuclear-power generation, from mining ore to used-fuel recycling.

Nuclear power must and will continue to be part of the global energy mix. The U.S. remains the largest nuclear market in the world, and Areva is committed to its long-term success. We work with utility customers to ensure they continue to deliver on the promise of safe, efficient and reliable nuclear energy. We are constantly innovating and aligning our portfolio of technologies, services and products to meet our customer’s needs and expectations.
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