"Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nuclear"

We enjoy this UK blog and podcast put together by nuclear PhD students at the University of Manchester. As members of the Nuclear Society there, they regularly converse on nuclear energy topics, but realized all that insight remained trapped within their historic walls. So …

“…we decided it prudent and wise to start a podcast talking about these issues with the wider public in mind. Along with students from all sections of nuclear research, we aim to ramble on haphazardly about all things nuclear and question whether it is necessarily the imminent danger certain facets of the media would lead us to believe? We’ll talk about everything associated with nuclear from PWRs, EPRs,FCI, THORP, LLW, ILW, HLW and every other bewildering acronym under the Sun all the way through to perceptions of nuclear in film, books and the media!”

And they do.

A nuclear energy podcast based where Rutherford first split the atom seems right on many levels. Go check out this newest perspective on nuclear energy and their first podcast and post.

  • Thanks a lot for your kind words. The podcasts will be every month (and will get better). There’s also going to be regular student opinion pieces as written blogs – first one coming on Sunday.

    Thanks for publicising the site,
    Gill and Gunth

    • arevainc

      Always glad to spread the good word on insightful nuclear energy conversation. Consider this a gilded invitation to guest post here, too.