Quote of the Moment

From an op-ed today in the Lynchburg News & Advance:

it’s been a quarter of a century since the Soviet Union’s reactor at Chernobyl experienced a meltdown. And was on March 28, 1979, that the Three Mile Island disaster occurred in Pennsylvania. Those two incidents, coupled with the ongoing emergency at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, make a total of three — three — major incidents in three decades.

Nuclear reactors have been safely generating power around the world for more than four decades, and for any other industry, three disasters in more than 40 years would be a safety record to be envied.

But today, many people in the general public, environmental activists and timid politicians are wringing their hands over the future of the nuclear industry, which was experiencing a “renaissance” just eight days ago.

The public needs to calm down; the environmentalists need to quit trying to make political hay of a grave crisis; the politicians simply need to grow a spine.

  • Adam

    Agreed, although the safety record can be and will be improved.

    Anyway one looks at it, nuclear with renewable augmentation is in the future since fossil fuel reserves are running dry. China will go through its 3rd largest in the world coal reserves within 2-3 decades at current consumption rates.

    Nations that curtain nuclear power today will become very dependent on nations that do not.